Monday, October 19, 2009

Update long overdue

So life has been hectic and I am not for sure how much longer I can keep up this blog but I am sure going to try. Here is a post in pictures. My next post with be my 100th and I am working on it with the 100 things I love about Jessica. I am sure there will be so much more to it than that but I am going to try. Lol. Here is a post in pictures of the last month…..

Baby Girl is getting so big and is such a blessing... Look at that smile....
I love this face as it is saying, what in the world do you want! haha

Jake got his hair cut. Yes, really the golden locks of wonderful that came down past his neck and hung in his eyes are gone!!!!

Sister loves the new do, see her trying to give him a kiss afterwards

Well this picture speaks volume. You see for months 1-3 she slept in the bed with us... Yes I know but I couldn't help it. She had baby dust that helped me sleep. haha. Months 3-5 she slept in the cradle in out room until one night I woke up to her crying because she had gotten her arm stuck in the rungs of the bed and couldn't move. I really thought that she was going to break her arm, which leads us to her first night in her own bed. *sniff* She is out of our room and in her room all night. I am better about this now than I was before. haha.

Now this is why I am not online to post very often..... Jake is in band and it consumes my life on Friday mornings and Friday nights. We have had competition for the last 2 weeks and I am proud to say that they scored *superior*. Jake is in the drum line. I did flags in high school so this is a fun time for him and I to share stories about bus rides and such. I love it and yes sister goes to every game, even the rainy ones although mom sits in the truck with her when this happens. hahaha

Now for yesterday.... Here is my chunky monkey on the way to the fair. The next few say it all. She was all dolled up and everyone loved the outfit. She also has an orange hat that she wore due to the wind. It was great. hehe. See how cute.

I am still keeping up with your blogs. Amanda, your package finally went out yesterday. I am so sorry. Michele, I need your address so I can send out Bobby and Maya a happy. Alicia, you need to post. I miss pictures of that beautiful blessing. Melissa, Eve is so big now. I love seeing you on facebook all of the time with pictures and video. Cynthia, I can't wait to see new pics of the twins.
Take care everyone and I will be on the lookout for your updates.


Cyn said...

She's absolutely adorable!! Congrats on getting her in her own bed/room. It took us several years to get there.

Keeping up with the blog is so hard! At least I can stay updated on FB, so it's ok.

Michele said...

Love those pics!!!

You are so sweet to think of Bobby and Maya. Shoot me an email and I'll reply with my address.