Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Howdy Strangers

Good morning to you all. I am so sorry that I have not been here in like, FOREVER!. We all know that life is hectic with a little one. I wanted to post today as I was looking and cleaning out my favorites. I had a folder named INF and within that one, I had sub folders that were named Trying and Prego in order. I progressively moved them from one folder to the other and ticked them off of the trying category. I used to love doing that. I would hate it if I had to move someone back due to a loss. Well while checking in on everyone, I noticed that out of the 25 blogs I was reading. ( I still used your links to view others at times. lol) I realized that all but 1 was pregnant and now has a little one. It made me cry. I felt as though life had now got in the way of the connection that kept me going for so long. You guys are the best. I love you all and I truly mean that. I see your pictures of your wonderful children and I pray for them to live healthy prosperous lives.

As for us, well we are doing fine. Okay so let me hit the high and low points....

* Jessica turned 4 months old. (pics at bottom)

* The anniversary of my brothers death and our finding out we were pregnant was a very emotional day for me.

* while on the way to the memorial (doing full speed down I-20) we were rear ended by a woman doing 120 mph. (we are all fine and I was the only banged up) Oh and she was not insured! We only have liability on the truck sooooooo you can imagine the state we are in driving a crinkled beded truck. (I loved my truck too)

*Jessica is wonderful. All except the screaming fit she throws right before bed now. I don't know how to tame this.

* My oldest started high school. OMG! REALLY? He is a freshman and he plays drums in the band. Our favorite time of the week now is Friday night games and yes little sister has to be there rain or shine (with alot of umbrellas. lol)
Here is some juicy goodness for you too look at. Taken with MIL camera so not the greatest. I really need to have new pics taken.
She loves her bubba. He is so great with her. Sometimes in Wal-Mart, I wonder if people think she is his. lmao!

Don't you love the bib.

Look at that smile. I just want to eat her up.
Just cause I could have beat my son for this pic. I was not happy about something and poor Jess looks stressed out. hahaha


Cyn said...

So great of you to pop in. I love the pics!

Amanda said...

She is adorable and getting so big!! Glad you were ok after the accident, so scary!!

Leanne said...

Adorable!! :-) glad to see you post Hun!

Melissa said...

I've been a bad blogger too. Sorry about the accident. Jessica is GORGEOUS!

alicia said...

thanks for updating!!!

crazy about the car accident, hope you are all ok!

yay pics, she is so cute :)