Monday, July 20, 2009

Good morning to you all. I am quickly approaching my 100th post. I wanted to show you how big Jessica is getting. She is 12 weeks old today and yet she will be 3 months next week. *sniff*.

We kept B last weekend and look at how cute they are…. I asked him if he wanted to hold the baby and he climed in the rocker and held his arms out… awe, how cute.

Here he is kissing her. Say it with me…. Awe!!!

Everyone says how much she looks like her bubba, which would mean that she looks like her daddy. But when I saw this picture, I thought she looked like me…. I don’t get those moments very often.

Smiling at mommy….

Talking to mommy, see her mouth, she is talking up a storm. You know that clip on youtube where the little girl is just talking up a storm, well that is Jessica, she talks and sings all of the time. We love it. Haha.

Here is the Bumbo seat. She loves it when we sit her in front of the activity center. It makes her mad when it stops though.

See how focused she is on it.

Here is the OMG, get this freakin bow off of my head. Lol. I love the outfit. She is really good about bows but for some reason, she didn’t like this one.

I am going to have to post on my DH’s new found love of gardening. You should see his handy work. I love my back patio and he is the reason for it. More to come on that.


Cyn said...

The dress is so cute and baby girl is getting SO big!! 3 months already?!!
It's great to see new pics of her!

Michele said...

She's so adorable. Wow! 3 months!

Amanda said...

you've been in the hospital again?? I hope all is're in my thoughts!!!