Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello everyone. I have been such a bad blogger and it is just simply put... laziness... Jess takes all of my extra time. I love cuddling with her. I thought you would all appreciate our 4th pictures so here you go..... Funny story to be told along the way.

Here is the princess in her 4th get up....

Above is Stone Mountain just outside of Atlanta. For those of you who have never been there on the 4th of July, I strongly encourage you to go. It is the most patriotic thing I have ever seen. Below is the princess in the lake, can you tell how much she really loves water. She got mad when we took her out. lol. While at Stone mountain, we had to wait 5 hours before the show started and as you will see in another picture, we were fighting for every inch we could get. Jess was happy that it was not TOO hot. It was warm, don't get me wrong. We tried to keep her cool but she just wasn't happy and no matter how much time we spent in the AC, she wouldn't take a bottle and I am thinking it was a combination of everything. Here she is being calmed by her daddy..... Say it with me.... Awe!!
Daddy again, kissing the unclothed child. lol.
One of the only things to keep her happy was to let her stand (on her own, mind you)

Now you see above how crowded it was. Just for reasons of explanations... there were over 150,000 there. You can see from the picture that there were no empty spots. Now keep this in mind as you look at the picture below and you remember that I said, Jess would not take a bottle. Please also keep in mind that I only breastfeed at night before bed. I am very shy about the feeding. So shy in fact that I would only feed her at home and once I went to work, I pumped just so she could have it and I wouldn't have to do it in public. I know, I know, we will have to have this discussion later. That is the ONLY time Jess gets the boob. Well this day, she made it clear that she wanted it and she was going to get it. It was the only thing she would take to make her feel better cause you know mommies make babies feel better all of the time. My MIL thought I was brave for doing this and believe you me, I was embarrassed and upset to do this but I had no choice. There was another woman just sitting in the open with hers flopped out for the world to see and I knew I couldn't do that so here is the pic of me feeding her... can't even tell huh. I felt better once I talked to another lady that said I should just ask people who stare if they want to know what I am doing and if they say anything, tell then, "well you have to eat too." Okay the man behind me could tell what I was doing and I thought my MIL was going to have to say something for the looks we were getting from around us. Oh well.And this below is what you get when you give her what she wanted and needed. A sleeping baby that is so relaxed, we all wish we could sleep like that don't we? haha. Just for those who are saying that we never should have had her out there. First, she was not the only one out there and out of the 5 babies I saw around us (all around her age) We were the only one with the battery operated fan as seen in the picture. She loved it and she was never hot to the touch.
Ya ll take care and I would love to see your 4th pictures.


Cyn said...

WHEN did she get that big? You JUST had her!!
I hope that this experience has helped you to be a bit more comfortable about nursing in public. It is really quite easy to be discreet if you want (some just choose to not). I am not a public exposure kind of gal, but if I hadn't been able to feed my babies in public I don't know what I would've done-also pumping in public and when there are kids over has to be done as well (hooter hider is amazing)

You look fantastic and there is nothing wrong with taking babies places, fan or no fan.

Michele said...

What a cutie pie!!!

momofonefornow said...

I am glad you had fun, and my lands when did she get so big? The time is just flying by!

I heart the pic of her sleeping, I am also a bit jealous. lol!

alicia said...

ahh what a cutie! looks like a great time!